I’m Zach, I’m currently an undergraduate student at Miami University, Oxford Ohio, studying Emerging Technology in Business and Design. It’s an umbrella term for things like web design, motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, UX/UI design and research, among other things. I love thinking of creative solutions to interesting problems. I also really enjoy concepting visuals for music and live shows . I will graduate in May 2022, and at that point I will be ready to handle any sort of creative work life can throw at me.

This is a photo of the XR Stage setup that I helped to design and build. It is being recorded by a motion tracked camera which is also adding a set extension and green screen floor in post. The TV’s can change what they have displayed on them and they react to whatever live music gets piped into the scene.
This is a screenshot of Stage Precision which was used in the above project to track the camera to tell Touch Designer what should be displayed on stage.
This is a data visualization project that I created in Tableau from both publicly available information as well as a survey that I conducted. The goal of the project was to discover what makes consumers purchase from Direct to Consumer clothing brands.
This is an Infographic I made about the dangers of AI Hiring software which is a topic that I care about, but was also a great exercise in creating a good looking Infographic.
This is a final render of my Sophomore year Residence hall made in Maya from scratch. The textures were created by me as well.
This is a short animation that was done in Cinema 4D where I found a pre-modeled and textured scene that I modified the lighting on as well as choreographed the camera movement.
Original Music Video that I Concepted, Filmed, and Edited.

Last but not least are a couple of my favorite photos. You can reach me via email at zrzski@gmail.com. You can also check out my resume.